Graceful Solutions for Aging, Inc.

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Affordable Housing Options for Seniors
Our not-for-profit corporation grew out of compassion for aging loved ones with limited financial resources who live alone or in housing which is not accessible and equipped to meet a person's need for health or safety.

We have personal experience with caring for parents and other relatives who were members of the Depression Generation.  A new "Silver Tsunami" will hit Florida when Baby Boomers retire, doubling the elderly population by 2030.  Our state, Florida, is unprepared to provide housing, medical or social services for new retirees.  Our not-for- profit wishes to provide "Graceful Solutions for Aging," with affordable alternatives to living in an Assisted Living Center or Nursing Home.

We hope you will contact us with your questions, make a tax deductible contribution or join our not-for-profit organization as a member.

--Claudia Frese, President & CEO

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Graceful Solutions for Aging, Inc.
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